Satisfies hunger and your sweet tooth while being free of unnecessary sugar. Fuels your body with energy. Supports environment and animal welfare. And, people love it.




The production of Frushi happens in the certified kitchens.


Frushi is always produced from fresh, high quality ingredients

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frushi bike

Frushi Food bike

Frushi team hits the streets and events. Follow our blog and Social Media to know where to find our Frushi bike.


Since 2018, Frushi can be ordered online and delivered directly to you.

From an idea to the business


It all started in Copenhagen, as an idea of a Czech student, which has been turned into an IVS company in the early 2017.


Frushi wants to become a worldwide known, healthy-fastfood chain, positively influencing human health and the environment.

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Jiri Vacek

Jiri Vacek

Founder & CEO
Jiri stands behind the Frushi concept and is responsible for the business development and marketing strategy. He has worked for Karma Sushi for 2 years gained profound knowledge in customer service, preparation of sushi and last but not least management and leadership skills. He has successfully launched his own luxury brand focusing on sports clothes “Jack de Rosse” ( www.jackderosse.com ) His educational background is International Marketing & Sales focusing particularly on expansion and International Communication within different industries.
Bettina Baunbæk

Bettina Baunbæk

Bettina is the founder of vegetarian chain of GreenBurger Restaurants and Living Earth café. With more than 10 years of experiences within the food industry not only in Denmark, she is responsible for all the financials, accountancy, contracts and administration. She also provides the company with facilities, foodbikes and information regarding the regulations, permissions and negotiations with suppliers.
Jiri Radvansky

Jiri Radvansky

Jiri Radvansky has worked within the Sushi industry for six months and gained experience in sushi preparation as well as customer communication. He has as well gained profound experience in the department of Strategy and Communication in SKODA AUTO a.s. His main focus was on market analysis and International communication. Sales acquisitions in a company called HesaLight A/S gave him skill set in negotiating and leadership. His educational background is Marketing & Management.
Michaela Bartkova

Michaela Bartkova

Design & Product Development
Michaela is a graduated Ba in Digital Concept Development and has joined the team in the early 2018. She took over the visual and written communication of the company. She is responsible for the brand identity, website and marketing material. Besides, Michaela is also involved in the product development.

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